Tuesday, August 14, 2012

By the way...

I started a new blog devoted to science and life as a scientist (technically I'm engineer, but that may be one of the topics to discuss in the future.)  I work on lasers and LEDs so I will talk about that, as well as graduate school and academia in general.  But I will do it with a twist of humor and self-loathing!

I figure it will be kind of like OkStoopid, but instead of being a 31-year-old woman and dating and dicks it's about being a 33-year-old woman and science and lasers.

Anyway, it's called My Laser Boyfriend and it lives at: http://laserboyfriend.blogspot.com/

Answers to questions nobody asked:

Is this the end of Auntie Cake?
No!  I will continue to post random stuff about music, bikes and cats here at Auntie Cake.

Why start a new blog?
Because I'm bored.  Because I like new projects.  Because I want to find a way to bridge my interests in science, writing and humor, and a blog seems like an easy way to begin.  Also because I want something separate and a little more professional than posts I've written in the past so starting off fresh seemed like the way to go.

Why the name "My Laser Boyfriend"?
It started off as a joke between some friends of mine on Twitter when I was doing my graduate work and hopelessly dateless.  The joke was that lasers were better than boyfriends.  I'm not so sure it's true anymore.  Anyway, I may change the name.

Will I give up after two years and end up archiving the entire blog on Auntie Cake?

Does the world need another science blog from a female perspective?
Yes.  (The answer has to be yes, right?)

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