Sunday, September 23, 2012

Music that got me through college - Part 1

This is an understatement for those who know me well, but I was in college for a long time.  I started attending community college at 18 years old, bounced around two undergrad universities, then endured a long stint in graduate school before finally finishing my Ph.D just after my 33rd birthday.

Another understatement: I love music.  A LOT.   Music has been a constant companion of mine and certain bands, songs and albums will always remind me of different times in my life.  And not in a general "this reminds me of being 20" way, but some music reminds me of specific moments, like "this reminds me of moving into my first apartment."

This series explores music that got me through my years as a college student.

Part 1. Community College  (1997 - 1999)
Memories of commuting to class and taking the scenic route, sitting in the dining room of my parents house while I plowed through Calculus or Engineering Physics homework, and sitting alone in the basement chatting with geeky guys on IRC and obsessively reading online bulletin boards for The X-Files.

You might tell from the playlist that I was morose and a bit of a recovering goth.

The Cure - "A Forest"

R.E.M.  - "South Central Rain"

The Smiths - "What Difference Does It Make"

Other bands I was into at the time: Ben Folds Five, Soul Coughing, Supergrass and Tori Amos.  At this point in my life, I went to my first club concert to see Portishead in DC's 9:30 Club.

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Sayward Rebhal said...

I love this! Im going through a big "rediscovering music" phase (because I am a talk radio junkie), so this is awesome. Miss yoU!