Saturday, March 30, 2013

50 alt rock songs from the 1990's

I put this together.  (More fun if you have adblock installed.)

If the embed doesn't work, try it on the Youtubes.


Alex said...

When I click it says that the video doesn't exist. And God knows I could use some 90's rock nostalgia.

KK PhD said...

hm, just made it public. try it now?

Alex said...

Works now. Excellent taste. Oh do I miss the 90's.

From lurking, I gather that you went to UCSB for grad school. Me too. I graduated in 2005. God do I miss that life. I was so happy when I was done, and now I'd give anything to have that time back. Life in Santa Barbara was nice, and as hard as thesis research was I didn't have all the people asking me for things that I have in my current job.