Saturday, December 17, 2011

Men and women can't be friends?

This amusing video from Jesse Budd and Patrick Romero attempts to answer the question:
"Can men and women be just friends?"

Unsurprisingly, their answer is no.  But they're only polling good-looking college kids.  I wonder if the answer would be different if they polled, like, people in their 30s?

I mean, *I* have guy friends who are just friends... right?

via Doobybrain

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Robyn, killing it.

"Call Your Girlfriend" as performed on SNL.  

Her performance is mesmerizing.  Quirky, and kind of awkward.  Those shoes!  Those pipes!

The lyrics to this song slay me.  I occasionally tear up when I hear it, as I do with "Dancing On My Own" (the second song she performed) also on Body Talk.  So heartbreaking.  It's rare for pop music to make you cry, isn't it?