Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Destroyer and going to shows alone

Saw Destroyer play at Mississippi Studios in NE Portland this past Sunday. What a treat. Dan Bejar played solo acoustic and sounded GREAT.

It was a packed venue but the crowd was very mellow and quiet during his set, especially the first several songs. I swear you could have heard a pin drop as there were so many silent moments. It was almost eerie. But we were rapt.

This was a show I didn't mind going to alone. It felt very intimate and special and I think if I'd dragged someone there with me who wasn't a Destroyer fan already that would've lessened the experience somehow.

I'm a little sad I missed Pink Mountaintops who opened.  But when I go to shows alone, I try to time it so I show up just as the headliner is about to start.  This reduces the amount of time of awkwardly standing alone, wondering if I should get one beer, playing with my phone between sets to avoid speaking to strangers.

Although, honestly, half the audience of Destroyer were older guys who showed up alone.  I wouldn't have stood out at all.