Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Not if, but when.

I came across this iTunes meme that's basically a middle school quiz with the standard cheese questions like "Describe your personality?" You put iTunes on shuffle and your answer is whatever song title appears when you press Next. Totally inane time-waster but it's music-related, so of course I'm all about it.

I get to a question "What song will you dance to at your wedding?" I hit Next, and got TV On the Radio's "Ambulance." Honestly, one of my all time favorite romantic songs. My first thought was, "Oh Hell yeah, I would totally play it at my wedding." And my second thought was, "Hmm, that could even be first-dance worthy." Then suddenly that stupid quiz became an unexpected revelation. What initially felt like a happy coincidence became a shocking affirmation. Holy shit. I'm going to get married one day. It hadn't even occurred to me before, never seemed like a possibility until now. Yet I'm utterly completely single. Is that weird?

TV on the Radio performing "Ambulance" at the Doug Fir in Portland.

I will be your accident
if you will be my ambulance.
And I will be your screech and crash
if you will be my crutch and cast.

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