Monday, May 25, 2009

Every DJ wants to date a musician

I kind of have a crush on Shugo Tokumaru.

I imagine he has a rad Tokyo apartment filled with colored LED lights and toy robots, and that we'd fit in each others clothes.

I discovered him last week at one of my LJ communities, Indie Exchange. I'm really digging what I've heard so far. I'd describe it as quirky indie folk electronica. Like Psapp and Devendra Banhart had a baby and he was Japanese and beautiful.

Shugo Tokumaru - Rum Hee - off his new EP, Rum Hee

I also like:
Clocca - from his 2007/2008 album "Exit"
Green Rain - from his 2007/2008 album "Exit"

He has a new album coming out this year, keep your eyes out.

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