Thursday, October 20, 2011

Oh yeah, there was FYF

Went to FYF again this year and planned on writing a review, but I was too distracted by the bad fashion worn by like 95% of the attendees.  When you're a skinny, 18-year-old girl you can get away with wearing a lot of odd things and still look okay, but I still don't get the whole high-waisted mom-jeans made into too-short cutoff-shorts look.  That doesn't look good on anybody, OK?

Anyway, Broken Social Scene was great.  Yacht, The Cults and Pink Mountaintops were pretty good.  The food choices were a lot better than previous year.  I can't really elaborate any more.  Not sure why I was less into FYF this year, maybe because I'm less knowledgeable about the latest bands/songs/albums.  I guess that's what happens when you're an irrelevant former DJ.

Here's a recap video released today by FYF organizers.  Summer lovin.  Music by Glass Candy, one of the bands I missed.

FYF 2011: The Best Day Of Summer from CATJAM Studio on Vimeo.

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