Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Portland & Carrie Brownstein

I enjoyed reading Margaret Talbot's article in The New Yorker about Carrie Browstein and Fred Armisen, creators and stars of "Portlandia."

photo by Gabriele Stabile for The New Yorker

I like how they're just two buds who are into the same things and managed to make a successful tv show. I like "Portlandia" a lot, maybe because I've been to Portland several times and I totally love Portland. Portlandia's second season just started on IFC, but I will be catching up on the first season on Netflix Instant (recently added).

Brownstein must be a busy gal. She's currently in Europe on tour with Wild Flag. Their debut album on Merge Records was on a lot of 'Top Albums of 2011' lists. So good.

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