Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Day-dreams and dream jobs

One of my dream jobs is a comedy writer. I realize it's probably more stressful and less glamorous than I think. I just love the idea of working with smart, funny people everyday, making each other laugh in round-table brainstorming sessions.

Honestly, I'd settle for a guy with great sense of humor.

Speaking of, this Gap ad makes me want to move to NYC and stalk the male cast of SNL.

I got a crush on Seth Meyers (of Weekend Update and in black and blue stripes, above). In my fantasy we meet randomly in a coffee shop or dimly lit pub. And he'll love that I'm a shy scientist. And I'll knit him sweaters that fit him fabulously. And we'll move into some cute Manhattan apartment and get a dog. And we'll invite his friends over for wine-tasting and party games. Pictionary. On those huge paper easels. Just like the movies.

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