Wednesday, November 19, 2008

He's the guy who invented Dilbert.

I loved this article by Scott Adams, Inspiration and Passion and Whatnot.

People often ask me where I got my inspiration for one thing or another. Or what possessed me to do something. Or why I have a passion for a particular project. The assumption behind those questions, I think, is that if one could find out where such causes originate, it would be possible to pick a promising field of endeavor then activate the inspiration to spark higher levels of achievement

But it doesn't work that way. In my experience, I do the project I can't stop myself from doing. Passion is the thing you can't control, by definition. It's the same with inspiration. At any given time there are dozens of projects that I think make sense, but sooner or later one bubbles to the top on its own, logic ignored, and takes over my schedule.

I like what he says about passion, that it's some uncontrollable urge, not something you can will onto yourself.

I often wonder if I'll ever have a passion for something. I have many interests, but there's no one thing I'm drawn to. Have I not found it? Or has it not found me?

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