Sunday, January 10, 2010

The House of Fun

I chose not to write a list of New Years resolutions this year. After I read this article in the New York Times, I decided I would have only one: Have fun.

One thing I realized about myself over the last year is that I'm at my best when I'm busy. So I make a plan for myself every day, including weekends. I use Google Calendar to schedule things, and although I don't necessarily follow it to the letter, it's very satisfying to see most of my day blocked off for lab work, lunch dates, or radio station stuff.

When I find myself with too much unstructured down-time, instead of letting myself feel bored or lonely, I change the situation. I go to work for a few hours, take a long walk, or text a friend and make plans.

I'm more social now than I've ever been. Little rules I made for myself made it easier. When I make plans, I keep them. When I'm invited to something, I show up. It sounds mega cheese, but in a way, I found a secret to my own happiness. Being out of the house is usually what does it. Being busy is fun.

What dawned on me recently is that it's not only about keeping busy, but it's also about having something to look forward to. Something in the short term as well as something in the long term. Over the next few days, like going to karaoke night, having dinner with friends, or putting together my radio show. Over the next few months, like a concert or planning a vacation.

I'm spending a week in the Caribbean with one of my girl friends next week. Eeek! Pretty excited. Been planning it for the past month. No, I can't exactly afford it but, yes, this is my idea of fun.

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