Thursday, April 8, 2010

Hipster Runoff

I get a big kick out of Hipster Runoff, a blog that examines and celebrates indie culture, in an over-the-top ironic way. I find it very clever. I love the use of 'air quotes' and text msg lingo, including the non-obvious ones like 'Am Appy' for American Apparel and 'AnCo' for Animal Collective.

In Zooey Deschanel has stage fright + crazy coke eyes on Letterman, Carles explains, "they did a 20 second zoom in on her wedding ring, representing the omniscient presence of Ben Gibbard in all mainstream indie music." And brings up several important questions like, "Should She & Him kick out the bro, and then market Zooey Deschanel as ‘the new Feist’?"

In I went 2 buy a new iPad and got back in touch with society & humanity [via technology], he asks, "Is the iPad the second coming of God / Jesus Christ? Are iPads for ass holes? Are Apple Store employees ‘ass holes’, ‘helpful’ or ’self-righteous, disgruntled liberal arts grads’? Do u wish u had an iPad when u were a tween?"

And finally, an oldie but goodie: U, Me, And Every Concert We Attend: How We Grow Older With Concerts.

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