Thursday, February 3, 2011

Big news.

Wow, they just announced that Match.Com bought OkCupid for $50 million!

Does it mean we have to pay for OkCupid now?

Remember when OkCupid had that OkTrends blog article called Why You Should Never Pay For Online Dating? It starts off by saying "sites like and eHarmony (are) fundamentally broken, and broken in ways that most people don't realize."  (The article doesn't exist on the OkCupid blog anymore, but you can read the cached version, courtesy Google search.)

I guess if your competitor offers you $50 mil you gotta take it and make the most of it.  I just hope they keep Match and OkCupid separate.  OkCupid is so nerdy and hip as it is, the only thing I'd want to be different is some higher quality men on there... (if I was still looking, which I'm not.)

If you had to pay for OkCupid but were promised better features and a larger and more active online community, how much would you be willing to throw down?  $5 a month?  $10?  $20 seems too high...  And I always hated that for you have to pay $35/month for 1 month or $20/month for 3.

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Adam said...

Not that I've had any luck on OkCupid in about a year, but I couldn't see myself paying more than $5 a month for any dating site. Otherwise there are better ways for me to spend money on striking out.