Monday, March 21, 2011

Top pick of SXSW: Davila 666

I finally got to attend SXSW in Austin for the first time this year. It was an exhausting whirlwind but still a total blast!  I definitely want to go again.  I'll post more about my experience, but I wanted to start with the band I enjoyed seeing the most: Dávila 666.  They're a garage punk group from Puerto Rico who I first heard of only a few weeks ago on one of my music blogs (Stereogum? KEXP?).  I could tell from listening to only one song that they would be fun to see live, and boy was I right!  They played the Vice showcase at Club Deville on Thursday night and totally blew everyone away.  So much fun!

"La Pingorocha Y La Diva Rockera"

Cover of Blondie's "Hanging on the Telephone" (originally The Nerves)
[en espanol, song starts at 0:38]

- Download their song Esa Nena Nunca Regreso here.
- Download their song Obisidon here.
- Read Pitchfork review of their album Tan Bajo.

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Craig said...

Thanks for posting the Nerves cover, which can be found on the LP/cassette release Under the Covers Vol 2: A Tribute to Paul Collins, Peter Case and Jack Lee.

craig/volar records