Monday, May 23, 2011

Bands you break up with

OK, have I mentioned that I love NPR's All Songs Considered and I think my dream job is be a host on their show?  Anyway, I'm listening to their May 3rd show: Splitsville: Breaking Up With Your Favorite Bands, which is all about bands they USED to love.  I got my headphones on at work and I'm cracking up at my desk because they're mentioning several bands I used to like too, like Weezer, and even really embarrassing ones like Sting (sans The Police, if you can believe it).

I'll also admit to liking these a lot at one point in my life...  Ah, high school.

R.E.M.  (still love their old stuff)

Tori Amos (can barely listen to her anymore)

Then there was my regrettable industrial phase, circa 2002...

Skinny Puppy (oh boy..)

More fun discussion at All Songs blog too.

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Adam said...

I had a mostly regrettable industrial phase, but early Skinny Puppy is still fine in my book. I love when it comes on randomly, especially since it's not too often.