Wednesday, September 21, 2011

We say "thanks for playing" even though we missed the opening band

Just saw this really cute article/comic/drawing documentary from the illustrator Wendy MacNaughton giving a behind-the-scenes look at Thao and Mirah while on tour.   I love Wendy's illustrations and really loved this series.  Check it out at The Rumpus.

                        Wendy MacNaughton at The Rumpus

I have seen both artists perform separately -- Thao with The Get Down Stay Down (great show!) and Mirah, solo, twice (always good!).  They came through Santa Barbara within the last year touring together and now I'm kinda bummed that I missed their show!  Maybe I couldn't find anyone to go with, or maybe I had something else planned, or wasn't in the right mood to go to a show.  Anyway, I'll make do watching videos of them performing together on KEXP, sounding great.  Thanks, internet!

Damn, KEXP always does such a great job putting videos of live performances together.  Check out Thao and Mirah's album on Kill Rock Stars.

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Dolphin and Condor Fabrics said...

Wow! I really like them! Thanks for posting Kate!