Monday, August 27, 2012

Best or the worst?

LA Weekly's Music section just posted The 20 Worst Hipster Bands: The Complete List which could actually be called "DJ Kate's Top 20 Bands of the 2000's (so far, plus or minus a few)" because nearly all the bands are actually great and the author(s?) seemingly don't know anything about music.

First of all, are we really still talking about hipsters?  REALLY?  In 2012?  This is journalism?

Secondly, do The Black Keys suck because they're basically ripping off The White Stripes, who also suck? Is Grizzly Bear vague and depressing, in a bad way? Is Beach House "derivative electro mush" because Stereolab and Massive Attack did it first and that's as good as it gets?  NO. FUCK NO. And FUCK YOU for saying so.

I'm wondering why they didn't include other bands I like such as Local Natives and the XX?  Is it still ok to like them?  Or is this opposite day and they actually suck and all the bands on the list are good?

I'm so confused.  Maybe the authors are trying to be edgy and ironic.  Or maybe they wanted to intentionally piss-off a bunch of music lovers to attract traffic to their site.  (Even bad attention is still attention!  Side bar revenue!)

Anyway, people are really ripping into this article in the comments, which I find justifiable and hilarious.

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