Monday, December 14, 2009

My grandmother actually wrote this in a baby Jesus themed Christmas card


Things Grandma heard about her beautiful granddaughter Katie in 2009:

- Katie & T are no longer an item (Grandma pouted - she liked T).
- Katie has new boyfriend (Grandma pouted - too soon after T).
- Katie and new friend decided they were not for each other (Grandma glad - wants Katie to go on with education).
- Katie going to Korea to give paper on her work (Grandma doesn't understand her goal but is very proud and worried she'll get back O.K.)
- Katie back - Did well - Good trip - Made new friends - Grandma proud but doesn't have her address and phone no. to tell her.
- Katie will not be with family this Christmas
- Grandma will not be with family this Christmas
- Grandma sends Katie money to make her Christmas special and asks her to thank Baby Jesus for all her blessings.
- Grandma loves Katie much - and will be praying for her everyday - wants her to buy something "fun & foolish" just for Katie from Grandma.

I love my Grandmother's sense of history and use of the third person. I can't believe she's still giving me guilt-trips about T. It's been three years. But I still got a check for $100! Grandma's rule!

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Annie K. said...

aw CUTE! our grandma is the awesomest!