Tuesday, September 7, 2010


One of my methods for an effective online dating profile, besides being short and sweet, and besides being genuine, is to include at least unique fact.  Something unusual and interesting that makes the profile stand out and hopefully inspires further inquiry.  An attention getter.  A conversation starter.

For example, in my OkCupid profile under "the most private thing I'm willing to admit" I wrote: I collect plastic dinosaurs.  This is more or less true.  I'm not an avid collector, but I have about five that pepper my desk at work.  They make me smile.  I mention them in my profile because I think it makes me sound quirky and young at heart, which I am.

You can't imagine how many messages I get about plastic dinosaurs.  Lots.

I got one the other day that had me scratching my head.

...Who or what is Wash?

Wikipedias disambiguation page says it may refer to this guy from the show Firefly.  Is that it?  But he's a guy, and a ginger at that, plus his eyes are really close together.  Should I be offended?


mandeebee said...

I would say no. Wash is the funny guy in Firefly and Firefly is a good show...I thought. This guy is probably a nerd and into scifi...so...I'd consider him!

Annie K. said...

speaking of dinosaurs: http://www.buzzfeed.com/ihatedinosaurs/hipster-dinosaurs-ppz