Sunday, September 5, 2010

FYF Fest 2010

FYF Fest had a pretty good lineup this year.  I got in for free thanks to KCSB (hooray for staff tickets!).  Unfortunately, it meant waiting in line over an hour to pick up my ticket at will call.  What a cluster fuck that was.

LA isn't that far away, but it was so much hotter than here in SB!  The first few hours were pretty miserable, but luckily we found shade in the beer garden.

I dressed for comfort and station pride and wore cutoff jean shorts, KCSB tee, and converse.  Inevitably feel self conscious with whatever I wear to a summer festival.  (Still!  At my age!)  There were so many cute hipster girls with little floral sundresses on.  I kept thinking, "Damn, why don't I wear more dresses?"

Heard some great sets by: Vetiver, Local Natives, Best Coast and Man Man.  Also enjoyed the Cults, Warpaint, and Washed Out.  Wavves was a little disappointing, too much stupid on-stage banter.  I liked their show at Soho in SB a few weeks ago, though, but thought the same thing.  Man Man and The Growlers are  playing in SB again tonight, so it will be fun to see them up close in a more intimate setting.

Overall it was a pretty relaxed festival.  Seemed busier than last year.  Great people watching as always.  I ran into 5 people I knew from KCSB, plus Jeff Shuman of Club Mercy.  I had some non-indie friends with me, felt a little bad dragging them all over the park to listen to bands they never heard of, but they were good sports about it.

Didn't stay for the headliners, so I missed out on !!!, School of Seven Bells, Mountain Goats and The Rapture, even though like a few were playing at the same time so I would have missed one or two anyway.  We left the show early to grab late night moo shu in Chinatown.  Then I drove the long 2 hours home blasting Daft Punk's "Homework."

The guy I brought with me said !!! should change their name to so people would know how to pronounce it.  I can never figure out where their albums are filed in our station's music library.  Under "C"?  Under "#"?

EDITORS NOTE:  !!! is filed under the # section, before the letter "A"

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