Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Ex blocker

Ex-Blocker is a internet browser plug-in that "renders mentions of a designated ex-lover invisible on Facebook, Twitter, Google searches and more," according to the software creators Jess3.

I feel like this may have been useful to me two years ago.

But does it work?  I tried it out on Firefox.  What happens is it "blanks out" their name on any Google searches or other websites, but not 100% of the time.  It also prevents you from logging into their blog URL or twitter URL... kind of.  For example, if you try the said URL, it shows you the page for 1 second, then grays it out and a pop-up window says "BYE."  Eh... good idea, not perfectly executed.

If I designed this app, any time you typed their name in Google or tried to click on their Facebook/Twitter page, the screen would go blank immediately and a little window starts giving you positive affirmations like "Don't waste your time, honey.  Forget about him.  He's a loser and you can do much better.  Just give it time."

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Adam said...

Maybe one that could deliver electric shocks if the user tries to manually search for their ex?