Monday, February 15, 2010

Mia Doi Todd

A friend of mine recently said, "Remember when you used to post music videos on that blog? I liked that."

So I'm posting some more music videos.

I loved Mia Doi Todd several years ago but kind of forgot about her for a while. I saw her play in NY once and her voice blew me away. I still think she's fantastic, I think my mood changed. I don't listen to the same things I used to.

I would classify her as singer/songwriter. KCSB filed her last album "Gea" in the Folk section, but her sound is definitely indie rock and pretty eclectic. A few of her albums were released by Plug Research, home to indie electro hip hop acts like Dntel, Flying Lotus and Daedelus, with whom she's collaborated with.

Here's a lovely video for her new song "Open Your Heart," directed by Michel Gondry. Does she sound auto-tuned to you? I'm guessing it's not, but my ears are so sensitive to that nowadays.

This is one of my favorites songs from her, it originally appears on her 2005 album "Manzanita" on Plug Research. No auto-tune here. The lyrics are so cute I could throw up!

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