Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Hey, man. (a public service announcement)

Look, if you have a profile on a free online dating website, you are putting yourself out there to be critiqued.  That's the whole point, right?  To judge others and be judged?

I have a genuine dating profile up at OkCupid and have been genuinely looking for men on there for several months.  I'm not ashamed about it.  Lots of people do online dating these days.  I haven't actually met anyone yet, but only because I happen to be very picky.

I created OkStoopid because I just got tired of emailing screenshots to my girlfriends all the time.  The objective of this blog is to point out the sometimes ridiculous experience of online dating and being single and over 30.  I'm not out to humiliate anyone.

I made the blog public (technically) to make it easier for my friends to read.  However, I don't actively advertise it's existence.  As far as I know, only 5 people read this blog regularly, most of them are real life friends of mine, and most of them are single, and most of them have experience with online dating also.

I understand that it's not 'fair' to post incriminating information about guys who contact me or my friends on OkCupid on a (technically) public blog. I haven't been very careful about this because I assumed my readership was so small.

 It has recently come to my attention that I should be more discreet on this blog, as Google searches make me instantly findable.  From now on I will censor both usernames and photos of anyone I plan to discuss/critique so that they're completely unrecognizable.  It will take me a few days to go through and fix all the past entries, so if you're browsing the archives, there are several missing entries that will be reposted later.

I wanted to apologize to the few guys who found their likeness posted on here.  (More than one!  What the hell!)  I'm still not sure how you found it, and have yet to completely rule out honest-to-god internet stalking, for which you should well be ashamed. But perhaps it's just "the power of social networking," as someone else put it. I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt, and with that, my apologies.

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