Thursday, July 22, 2010

Odd indeed.

Jennifer Hagy's Indexed recent comic, "See Also: The Engineering Department."

There's a saying among women in engineering that goes "The odds are good, but the goods are odd."  Which means that although you're surrounded by men in your classes and at work, they're not exactly the quality guys you want to date. You could say engineers aren't the most socially adept.  Think Book Smart But Socially Retarded.  Think Dilbert, as an example.

Most of my ex-boyfriends were engineers. Although we had a lot in common initially, the relationships always ended the same way: too much conflict, not enough romance, and months and months of simmering resentment. I decided I was through with engineers after the last one.  Then I dated a carpenter with a literature degree.  It was brief, but it was awesome.


Annie K. said...

went on a date with a guy with a phd in math. to sum it up: waaaaah waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.

Kate said...

ahaha. sad trombone, right!