Wednesday, July 7, 2010

These are not the fish I'm looking for.

I signed up for last night. It's another free online dating service. Unlike OkCupid, which is cute, well-designed and full of fun quizzes, PlentyOfFish is really basic. Very basic. And ugly. Very, very ugly. Jenky even.

Seriously, who designed this piece of crap website? It looks like it was made in the late 90's. It's covered in ads, there's too many fonts sizes and colors going on, there's even animated GIFs.

I can't bear to do a basic search because most of the profile picture thumbnails are displayed with the wrong resolution so they're all stretched or squished and so small you can't even tell what anyone looks like.  Is it so hard to crop a picture into a square?  It's a square.

Furthermore, are those fucking Jesus fish in the fucking logo??  Ugh.

I will keep my profile up and possibly read any messages I receive, but I'm not going to put any effort into this site. I just can't take it seriously. It feels really seedy. It's like trying to pick up a guy at a dive bar. When I say dive bar, I mean a real dive, like the kind in small desert towns, full of professional alcoholics and convicted child molesters.  Not a divey hipster bar in Echo Park full of hot guys in plaid and a chillwave DJ.

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