Thursday, June 3, 2010

Breaking the Ice

In addition to regular matches and "Quiver" matches, OKcupid has another feature called IceBreakers. Basically, they match you with someone you have at least one thing in common with. But there's a twist! You can't see who it is! All you know is you like the same tv show or band or whatever.

I've received messages from guys using this feature, they tend to go something like this (and yes, this is an actual message):
Whoever you are, the computer says I should be interested in you because you like The Rolling Stones. Which I think is kind of funny, because there are people my grandmother's age who like The Rolling Stones, and I probably wouldn't date them. Oh well, my favorite song by the guys is Jumpin' Jack Flash. How about you?
It just seems like one of those good bad ideas. What motivates someone to send a message to a complete stranger without even looking at their profile? Boredom? Desperation? Curiosity? Inability to initiate a conversation if you know what someone looks like? 

I could never bring myself to send an IceBreaker, but if I did, this is how I would start.  Let's just say they make it really easy.  

(Click to enlarge)

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Adam said...

I got a few odd contacts like that when they first rolled out the IceBreaker things, and it always picked up on the most random interests or words I'd used in my profile. Nothing I ever responded back to, and I can't imagine it being a feature I'd use, either.

To me it's like the LinkedIn messages I get from complete strangers who suddenly want job advice just because we happened to go to the same college....a decade apart. No, stranger, we have nothing in common, don't bug me.