Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Poker? I hardly knew her.

Does this Cupidtino button look like an asshole to you?

'Kinda like poke'? Yeah, I kinda like poke. Let's just say it's been a couple months and... Okay, I don't NEED someone to poke me to feel sexually validated or emotionally fulfilled in some way. And I don't want to ask to be poked just to be poked, because inevitably it's never just about the poking. I just want someone to WANT to poke me. You know?

My guy friend tells me, "Apparently, you're right in the middle of your 'reproduction expediting' phase."  I'm not sure his reason for telling me this.  Reproduction expediting is just a fancy term that means my biological clock is ticking, which is just a fancy term for be over 30 and wanting to get some.  Doesn't everybody want to get some all of the time?  

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