Thursday, June 17, 2010


Found a really cute guy on OKcupid this morning. His profile sounded normal, he has a dog, wasn't too much younger than me and actually lives in the SB area, as opposed to SF or LA as most of the good ones seem to. I'm thinking, "Jackpot. I'm totally going to message this guy."

And then I skimmed his "details:"

Christianity? Eww! Deal-breaker! Smoking, occasional drug use and dropping out of college aren't doing him any favors either, but a serious Christian? No way. Too much baggage. Won't go there.

How about you? What are some of your dealbreakers?

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Adam said...

Yeah, that serious about Christian one is one of my bigger ones too. Owning too many cats. And it probably makes me elitist, but bad musical taste.

What's weird is that there's something about my profile that makes the Christians message me more than anything else. Especially middle-aged African American evangelical women. I've had *THREE* of those in recent months. Maybe I ought to respond to the next one, just to see what the hell's going on.