Thursday, June 24, 2010

Hits a little close to home.

I love reading Craigslist's Best Of.  Last week, I came across this anti-hipster rant and it made me laugh, but it also made me cringe.  It hits a little close to home.

My girlfriend and I are both really into cute guys in plaid who ride bikes. Like it's some kind of formula. Just look at this guy on the right. He's adorable. Do you even know how I found this picture? It's from a blog called No Postage Required in a post titled Field Guide to The Urban Bicyclist, which I found by typing 'hipsters plaid bike' into Google Image search. No lie.

He may be a walking stereotype, but I would definitely talk to this dude. I have other requirements like being funny, smart and having a good taste in music. But cute, in a plaid shirt, with a bike goes a long way.

Is it wrong to have a type, even if that type is trendy? Does that make me shallow?

This Craigslist fella seems to think so...

Originally Posted: Fri, 12 Feb 04:05 CST

every girl that dreams of dating a bearded uptown hipster with a bike

Date: 2010-02-12, 4:05AM CST

let me just remind you that when you take away the fixed-gear bike, the messenger bag, the scarf that's worn year-round, the ironic t-shirt, the dumb shoes, the pbr, the tattoos, plugs, and the stupid beard, we all look the same.

so, are you really in love with a guy or his accessories? or is it that you're in love with the whimsical idea of an urban lumberjack type who will go on "adventures" with you, meanwhile being perfectly content with doing what every other human being our age does: drinking and fucking?

also, tell me about the last black guy you dated. what's that? you can't? cause every fucking uptown hipster is a white boy from the suburbs.

the uptown wannabes from the suburbs grow up idolizing the current inhabitants. when they're old enough, they move there, grow beards and do the stupid shit that kids do (eg. drink). what's ironic is that this new generation then grows up and becomes the new kids to be idolized by the new uptown wannabes from the suburbs. it's an endless cycle of superficiality, facades, and stupid kids seeking affirmation from their peers.

the truth is, NONE OF YOU ARE COOL!

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Nick said...

You've probably seen these already. They're still pretty funny.